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Stipend, Awards and Scholarships

Stipend, Awards and Scholarships

Half Free Studentship

20% of the students admitted in each class are awarded half free studentship. This award is meant for poor and meritorious students. After admissions are closed, applications for half free studentship are invited and guardians income, good conduct and satisfactory results are taken into consideration. This award is not renewed as a matter of right.

Students Aid Fund

Students Union provides some financial assistance to needy students during filling up of forms for University Examinations from their student – aid-fund. General secretary students’ Union invites applications from the students. Students are required to produce authenticated documents on Guardians income while applying for this aid.

Stipend For SC/ST Students

SC/ST students are awarded stipends form the B.C.W. department for which students are required to collect forms from B.C.W. department, Jhargram and submit the duly filled in form to BCW Deptt, Jhargram after getting it verified from the college authorities.

Rajanikanta Dutta Award

Student securing highest marks in B.A. Bengali Hons. Part – III examination gets this award sponsored by Sri Nimai Chand Dutta, Ex-lecturer in Bengali in the memory of his late father.

Monideep Scholarship

Student admitted in the college with good result in H.S., good conduct, regular attendance in first year class and highest marks in B.A. / B. Sc. / B. Com first year examination gets Monideep scholarship sponsored by Dr. Manju Biswas, former Reader in Chemistry of the College.

Jasoda Devi Jain Award

Student securing highest marks (above 46%) in B.A. English Hons. final University examination gets this award sponsored by Sri Raj Kumar Jain, Ex-Sel. grade lecturer in English of the college, in the memory of his late mother.

Students should see the notice boards regularly for informations regarding these and other scholarships and stipends.