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N.C.C. Companies for Boys and Girls of the college are under 25 Bengal Bn N.C.C. One A.N.O is in-charge of this Unit. Students are required to apply in prescribed form for enrolment as NCC cadet in the 1st year class and get the enrolment renewed in the 2nd year and 3rd year classes. The basic aim of N.C.C is to develop leadership qualities, sense of discipline, sense of devotion for national and social cause etc.

N.C.C. Unit of the college is one of the best in the state. Our cadets have made their presence felt at State and National levels and have already won 06 Governors medals.

N.C.C. cadets get chance to participate in number of activities such as camps at different parts of the country, expeditions to inculcate the spirit of adventure, Republic Day parades in Kolkata and New Delhi. State and Central Governments give a number of incentives to N.C.C. cadets both in academic and employment fronts. N.C.C cadets having ‘C’ Certificates are given preference by Armed forces, B.S.F, C.R.P.F, C.I.S.F, I.T.B.P., West Bengal Police etc. during their recruitment process and many of our cadets have joined these forces from this institution.

Students are therefore advised to join N.C.C. as cadet and develop the skills required to face the challenges lying ahead with confidence.